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To EMPOWER and EQUIP you on your Health goals…It’s all about the TEA this month:

1) Breathe Easy with GINGER TEA..
Its common for breathing issues to be worse in the winter months. Ginger tea reduces inflammation in your throat, while also relaxing the muscles in the airways.

2) GREEN TEA- research reports that the natural antioxidant compounds attach to the influenza virus cells preventing them from being absorbed in the body.   The flu typically DOUBLES in February!   So drink up…..2 – 4 cups per day

3)  HIBISCUS TEA – not only proven to lower blood pressure but studies in Chinese medicine show it works like “botox”….creating firm and hydrated skin.  Drink 2 cups per day additionally you can use it as a “toner” 2 x a day by applying it on your face with a cotton ball.