Angie Ates, ND, CAHP, CNHP+ ~  Naturally Yours

Interventional Health

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual ~ Speaker, Trainer & Educator

Witness Angie’s passion and insatiable hunger to
spread the word about the natural path to health and wellness

Speaking on integrative, natural, preventative and interventional health to attain physical, emotional and spiritual balance — Angie motivates her audiences to get on the path to a healthier, positive, passionate and purpose-filled life.







Mother of 3, Natural Health Educator, Board Certified Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, CAHP-BC, Detox Specialist, CEO & Founder of Academy EPIC…

PLUS, Angie is a World Travel Specialist enjoying ALL forms of Academy EPIC Travel to-get-her-message-to-You… including planes, trains, and automobiles, Amish buggies, and driving the unforgettable 34’ long Academy Epic RV.

After years in corporate America, HER entrepreneurial-self kicked into High Gear… she found her true passion and calling in natural health and became a seeker of knowledge earning her Board Certification as a Naturopath, MH, CNC, CNHP, and Entrepreneurial Wellness Expert.

Answering her own Call-to-Serve, Angie founded a teaching platform to assist others interested in Natural Health. As CEO and founder of Academy EPIC, she leaves No-Stones-UN-Turned in her Mission to teach, inspire and mentor others to LIVE their optimum-best-life of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Sharing how integrating natural health into your daily life results in a foundation of better living — Empowering You to Unlock and Reach Your Full Potential!



Don’t Panic… but

You are about to Rethink, Remix and Reset

Get Your Ship Together!

Hard-Ship to Champion-Ship

Is There a Hole in Your Bucket?

Improving Accountability.

Windmill Strategies

6-Step Strategy to move you forward to your destination.


Angie is authentic and says it like it is! She has compassion and wisdom, delivering her message in a non-judgmental and genuine way. Her energy is contagious and her passion for her purpose is infectious. If you are ready for fun and dynamic learning, Angie will motivate you to Change the World!

Alicia Berstler

Director, Right Track

Angie’s unique style is refreshing. Her audiences are captivated by her engaging and confident delivery. Her passion ignites a flame inside of everyone to acknowledge the success from within.
Valorie Parker

Motivational Speaker, Les Brown Platinum Speaker Bureau

Angie speaks with vibrancy and clarity from the heart. I am always motivated to do, learn and become more after her inspiring presentations — her works have a way of staying with you continually inspiring you to go for it!

Mich Hancock

CEO, 100th Monkey Media